A Fresh Start

For those of you that have followed me for the past few years, you’ve been aware of my year long absence from writing and sharing our homestead adventures. I apologize.

It isn’t for lack of wanting to share that I’ve been away. Life, as I’ve shared and overshared, has been devastatingly hard in terms of living in the way I had initially set out to. Our garden failed, everything died (chickens, a dog, a rabbit, my car), caring for Granny has become increasingly harder, my son had an accident and surgery, our home has been dangerously close to foreclosure multiple times.

Not all has been bad though. I renewed my personal training certification, took a job at our local gym and went back to my roots of helping people in a way that I’m passionate about. There’s been a ton of growth. The space I created by not forcing myself to write allowed me to make some emotional and spiritual changes as well as allow myself to do much needed self care that caregivers don’t often get. I took trips and spent invaluable time with my family. I nurtured friendships and let go of some very toxic ones, too. I pushed myself put of my comfort zone and took on a year long challenge that will be detailed, hopefully, through the next year.

The big push for this post has been brought to you by Granny’s declining mental health. While she is still physically healthy and agile, her mind (Alzheimer’s) has rendered her in need of care over and above what I can continue to provide. The time has come for me to make the hardest decision that faces most families. Unfortunately, I have begun the process of finding alternative care for her in the year to come.

More will be revealed and I promise I won’t leave you in the dark. Despite the inevitable sadness and anxiety for the unknowns, there is so much good coming in this next year. Can you feel it? I’m excited about this next chapter and look forward to you being there with me.

I’ll be in touch, friends.

Peace, Love and Cheesecake!

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  1. Sissy… always remember that you are loved and deeply appreciated. I’m proud of you…for the woman you continue to become. I’m always available….

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