Easy Repurposed Swing!

One of the many principles of homesteading is reusing everything you have until it has no more life left in it. We had a beautiful old bench that had been well loved but the bottom had rotted out. My Dad had a couple of old swing set frames and asked if he could take the bench off our hands. So we combined our resources and look at this beautiful swing that we came up with!

Dad reinforced the seat from below with 2×4’s and sat a piece of plywood (cut to size) in the bottom. We ran 6 inch eyebolts through each corner, making sure to drill through the 2×4 base, used S hooks and chain to attach it to the swing set frame and VOILA! Dad now has a beautiful swing in his backyard! And all for around $12 for hardware!

What do you have laying around that you can repurpose? I’d love to hear your ideas!

Peace, Love and Cheesecake!!!

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  1. This is absolutely awesome. I’d like to see a project like this one progress pictures! That’d be amazing.

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