Chronicles of Grambo

The past two weeks, Granny and I have begun a new journey together, living under one roof. If you’re feeling confused, read my subsequent post here and you’ll be all caught up!

While much of our time has been spent cleaning, moving, cooking and working, we’ve been able to take some time away and enjoy the beautiful sunshine and what is now our little homestead.

Granny loves to be outside. She loves everything honestly; she never has a complaint or a negative word to say about anything except for the pregnant co-host on Let’s Make a Deal dancing around and promenading her pregnant belly in a tight dress. Apparently, she thought that the girl just had a beer belly until I explained it to her and then explained the body acceptance movement, how pregnancy is beautiful and changing trends in fashion…

Anyway! Granny finds wonder in everything. While it’s a part of Alzheimer’s that everything new is new again every day, Granny has always had a love of nature. She loves to watch the birds though she can’t hear them sing anymore. She enjoys watching the animals play. We rescued a doggo, Bodhi, and adopted a kitten, Onyx Obsidian, last week and she laughs at how they interact with each other and our other dog, Peeta.


She frequently takes walks around the house and even accompanied us to the creek a couple of times.


Every time we visit my Mom’s house, she comments on the beauty of the flowers and the green in the hills.


Granny is an easy subject to photograph and she never hesitates to flash a smile at the camera when she realizes she’s been caught quietly taking in the beauty around her.

Of course the true beauty is her.

Peace, Love and Cheesecake!!!

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